Post Acne Scarring

What is post acne scarring?

Scars left behind on the skin after the acne has healed.

How does post acne scarring occur?

Post acne scarring occurs when the skin is damaged by acne and the body responds by producing either too much tissue (hypertrophic scar or keloid) or too little tissue (atrophic scar).

What types of acne result in scarring?

Scarring from mild and moderate forms of acne is usually not permanent. However, picking and squeezing acne can increase the risk of scarring. Severe forms of acne which are usually painful cysts filled with pus tend to leave permanent scars.

What are the different types of scars that can be formed by acne?

Scars can be of the following forms:

  • Having a gradual depression (rolling scars)
  • Deep and narrow (ice pick)
  • Depression with a sharp border (boxcar)
  • Thickened and inflamed (hypertrophic or colloidal)
  • Dark pigmentation (not true scarring; slowly heals without treatment)
  • Pink or red regions (not true scarring; slowly heals without treatment)


At One Skin Clinic, Dr. Najia Shaikh will evaluate your skin type and suggest the ideal treatment procedure to completely resolve or significantly reduce your post-acne scarring.