• Profhilo- is it worth it?

    Profhilo is a first-of-its-kind, injectable treatment that, like dermal fillers, contains hyaluronic acid, a material that can formulate, plump and remodel lax skin. Unlike dermal fillers, however, Profhilo does not change the structure of the face; instead it provides the complexion with a radiant glow. Profhilo is effective in treating areas of skin prone to sagging and skin laxity, particularly in the cheeks, neck and chest. 

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  • Is Profhilo and dermal filler the same treatment?

    There are some similarities between Profhilo and dermal fillers, though the two treatments differ quite a bit in results and their modes of action within the skin. While they are both used beneath the surface of the skin to alter its appearance, they are two very different treatments used for different reasons.

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