• Get Glowing Skin For Spring

    Exfoliation should be a regular step in your weekly skincare regime. It removes dead cells from the outer layer of skin and if done regularly, it can improve surface texture by stimulating the production of new cells and collagen.

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  • Innovations in Medical Aesthetics

    With 2018 just a few weeks away, it’s the perfect time to make sure you are well prepared to welcome the New Year. Here are 2 innovative non-surgical cosmetic procedures that can make a tremendous difference in your appearance and send your confidence levels through the roof!

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  • Youthful Looking Hands

    Other than your face, your hands are the body part that is most exposed to the ravages of harsh weather. While a lot of attention is given to caring for the skin on the face, the hands are often neglected and as a result the skin on your hands tends to look older than other areas of your body.

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  • Skin Care Tips While Traveling

    Whether you are traveling by car to a family reunion, by train for a weekend holiday, or jetting across the globe; looking after your skin while on the move can be quite a challenge! Here are a few tips to ensure your skin is not worse for wear once you get to your destination:

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  • Get More Fullness in Your Lips

    Full lips have always been one of the hallmarks of a beautiful face. Unfortunately, some people are born with thin lips or they experience thinning of their lips as they grow older. If you have thin lips, innovative non-surgical cosmetic procedures are now available that could be the ideal solution to your problem.

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